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About Us

Soul School Society
The society of learning and making changes from within.

The learning platform by everyone, for everyone.

Here... we don't have 'gurus' to tell what's good or bad for a person. We believe that the best solutions for each person are different. Here... 'everyone' can become their own gurus and create learning experience for the others, not limited by space, time, or pattern.


We have various processes to foster different and specific learning of each person; with the hope of creating collective societies where people from different perspectives can share and learn together. We provide process for self development and organizational development through facilitation, workshop, tea circle, and media platforms.

Soul School Society rhymes with sou-saku (創作) in Japanese. It is defined by 2 words; "initiate" sou- () and "create" -saku (), to become "The initiation of creation" or the action of change.

This platform is founded by a team of volunteers who are fond of using learning process, arts, design and innovation in creating sustainable societies. It is supported by SolidSprout, the private sector organization that drives social changes with design.

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