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Our Process

Diverse processes, for diverse people and diverse topics.

Facilitation & Workshop

Facilitation is the basic structure that we applied to create learning curves and ignite changes. With the trust in the participants, the distribution of power in the learning space, and the engagement of everyone, this learning process will bring collective wisdom and sightseeing of new view points for each person.

Art Museum

Seminar & Talks

Seminar and talks is a platform of sharing and expanding of knowledge and wisdom. Once each person is open to learn, seminar and talks will nurture questioning and basic scaffolding of knowledge and skills. It is also the place where people share their overlapping interests and exchange ideas.




Some stories may not give rise to success without concentrated focus. Training can sharpen those skills that cannot be fulfilled by reading, listening, and talking. Practice makes perfect when people have real experiences.

Painting Pottery


Tea Circle

Only a sip of fine tea may bless an unforgettable conversation. Tea circle is a platform for those who are interested in the same topics to join and experience where they belong. Usually it creates connections and initiation of change beyond imagination.

Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony
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